1st Phase – Your first steps towards healing.

Seeing men
from their sin and addiction.


During the first phase of the program the residents remain primarily restricted to property. Special outings, work details, or outside church functions are scheduled as group events from time to time to allow the men to interact with the community in a safe and monitored environment. The activities below are performed together as a group. Participation and attendance to ALL activities is absolutely mandatory.

Outside contact during First Phase is only during program prescribed times and methods. Cell phones MUST be surrendered to staff for safe keeping until Second Phase. Visitation and telephone privileges are available on Saturday and Sunday only, with express permission from staff. The weekday routine for men during the first phase schedule is as follows:


  • }

    6:00 am

    Morning Meal
  • }

    7:00 am

    Quiet Time
  • }

    8:30 am

    Morning Class
  • }

    10:15 am

    Work Detail
  • }

    12:00 pm

    Noon Meal
  • }

    12:45 pm

    Work Detail
  • }

    6:00 pm

    Evening Meal
  • }

    7:30 pm

    Evening Class

  • }

    10:00 pm

    Lights Out

1st Phase Rules

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Each 1st Phase man is responsible for reading the rules.

Basic Rules
  • Develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • No drugs or alcohol permitted at any time on Open Homes property .

  • All prescription medication must be approved and turned over to staff.

  • Do not leave property without specific permission.

  • Do not drive Open Homes vehicles without specific permission.

  • No violence or threats of violence.

  • No tank tops outside of the bedrooms.

  • No watching television without permission from staff.

  • No headphones outside of bedrooms.

  • Friday and Saturday movies are a privilege and must be approved by staff.

  • Only approved radio stations are allowed.

  • All money received must be turned into staff. All money made will be turned in for phase 1 program costs.

  • Do not go to mail box unless you have outgoing mail.

  • No entering 2nd phase housing unless given permission, knock before entering.

  • Pre-exsisting romantic relationships must be discussed with intake staff prior to admittance.

  • No romantic relationships are to begin after entry into program.

Quiet Time
  • Quiet time is to be done only in approved areas only.

  • You may not lie down or sleep during quiet time.

  • No radios, headphones, or conversations during quiet time.

  • Journaling and Daily Moral Inventory's are mandatory.

  • NO leaving quiet time early.

  • Please use restroom before quiet time.

Class Rules
  • You must attend all classes and arrive 5 minutes before class starts.

  • You must bring your Bible and notebook to all classes.

  • Participation is mandatory.

  • You must show respect to all teachers and facilitators.

  • You must be in class 5 minutes prior to start time.

Chores After Meals
  • All chores must be completed before personal time.

  • Bedrooms and bathrooms must remain clean at all times.

  • Beds must be made before breakfast.

  • Visits are allowed on Saturdays and Sundays only.

  • Visitation is Saturday and Sunday only from 1pm to 5pm.

  • NO women are allowed in bedrooms.

Phone Calls
  • Telephone calls are permitted on Saturdays and Sundays 1pm to 5pm.

  • Cell phones must be turned into staff during intake.

  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

  • No smoking allowed in Open Homes vehicles.

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Open Homes Regeneration Program is a Christian residential facility for adult men who want to overcome addictions and life controlling issues. At Open Homes we believe that the treatment for addictions and life controlling issues is to develop and nurture a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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