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After Care Info

After Care

At Open Homes, once a man has completed the initial nine-month program, he may request to be considered for our After-Care program. Generally, this is talked about with each individual toward the end of the initial nine months


We typically ask for a one–three month commitment. Any further commitment will be discussed and determined on an individual basis. Once accepted, you are required to live in Open Homes housing, attend two classes per week, one of which is small groups, and attend church on Sunday

Staying Involved

You are to be accountable for your time at all times and are subject to the rules of Open Homes. You are also expected to give back to the community with your time, helping to guide the men who are in the first and second phases of the program. The cost is the same as the initial program.

About Us

Open Homes Regeneration Program is a Christian residential facility for adult men who want to overcome addictions and life controlling issues. At Open Homes we believe that the treatment for addictions and life controlling issues is to develop and nurture a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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