Embracing Correction

Mar 20, 2024 | The Chuck Wagon

“Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins?”  Hag. 1:4; NLT

God uses some unique ways to show us we are going the wrong direction. Often times we do not notice God’s gentle, loving prompts while we are off course. Once we get back on course, we are surprised we didn’t see the signs earlier. This was the case with the Israelites when they returned to Jerusalem after seventy years in captivity. They started to rebuild the temple but after some resistance from surrounding kings, they stopped. Sixteen years went by without any further progress. They had become so preoccupied with their own lives God had to send two prophets to get their attention. Luckily they listened this time, which was not always the case.

God had given them plenty of signs. Even though they were planting plenty of crops, their harvests were not enough. When they ate, they were never satisfied. Their clothes were not keeping them warm, and they couldn’t even drink themselves drunk. Probably worst of all was their financial condition. No matter how much they made, it was never enough. The prophet described it as, “he who earns, earns wages to put into a purse with holes” (Hag. 1:6). Sound familiar?

It is normal to think you will never become ungrateful after what God has done in your life. This is seldom how it plays out. I’m quite sure that when the Israelites were allowed to return to Jerusalem after seventy years of captivity, they thought they would zealously serve God forever. This was not the case, and they paid a price for it. However, the price was small compared to times past when they went astray. This is because they corrected course when what they had done was made clear to them. This is where the lesson lies.

What you are reading now should make you look at your own life to see if there is anything that needs attention. You should not read it and dismiss it as something someone else needs to read. It should be the same when you read your Bible or attend a Bible study group or house church. As you hear the stories and confessions of others it should trigger you to examine your life in an effort to catch yourself before things go too far the wrong way. Worshipping yourself is an easy road to go down without noticing you’ve made a wrong turn. The further you proceed in the wrong direction the more difficult the correction will be.

Salvation gives us eternal life. It does not make us sinless. Our sinful nature will always present the wrong way as the right one (see Rom. 7:14-25). It takes discernment and wisdom to see the right way and to take it without regret. The ultimate goal of a believer is to please and glorify God in all that we do. Examining ourselves honestly and on a regular basis can reap tremendous rewards if we are willing to accept the correction God is presenting.

God bless and have a great week

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