God Is Our Strength

Apr 3, 2024 | The Chuck Wagon

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change…” Psalm 46:1-2a; NASB

Our world is ever changing and continuously in turmoil. This statement has been true since the fall of man and yet we act surprised when it gets worse each year. Sin causes turmoil in us as individuals. That turmoil then becomes societal. The subjects of the turmoil are different depending on geographical locations, ethnic make-ups, and demographics, but in the end, sin causes turmoil. As anyone who has read the Bible knows, that turmoil eventually leads to destruction unless we turn it over to God.

On an individual level, we can see confusion and strife in the lives of those around us, as well as our own. Those who have and cherish an intimate relationship with Christ have far less chaos in their lives than those who do not have that relationship. Even in times of persecution, a devout Christian will suffer less than one who takes their faith lightly. This was clear during the pandemic. Devout believers turned to the Lord for comfort and guidance during that time, resulting in far less anxiety than others who did not rely on His presence. It may not have seemed that way if you got your information from television or social media, but by speaking with true believers, it was evident.

On the world stage, we see wars and rumors of wars, famines, and earthquakes (see Mt. 24:6). There is world-wide economic distress, violence, and suffering going on continuously. These things have existed in varying degrees throughout history. The difference today is technology has advanced to where we can witness it all up close and personal. In the twentieth century, we could not see tragedies within minutes (or even seconds) after they happened as we can today. We did not have social media filling our heads with a continual flow of negativity and angst. News media and journalists were searching for truth instead of spewing propaganda designed to indoctrinate the listeners. There were plenty of stressful issues, but nothing like what we are experiencing today.

It is easy to see the evil increasing in the world at an alarming rate. Movies, television, pop music, and much of the art world have all become quite disgusting and evil. It is essential that as believers, we know who we are in Christ and live according to that belief. God is our refuge. He will give His children comfort when needed and provide protection from this world in ways we cannot. None of the worldly turmoil going on today is a surprise to God. His promise and His intention are to provide for His children (those who believe in His Son) through it all.

The world is becoming more evil with each passing year. No election or change in leadership is going to change that. Only prayer and repentance can bring the tremendous change required to turn this world around. We will never be free from the evils of the world until Christ comes again. Jesus told us, “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me…” (Rev. 22:12). Until then, lean on the Lord God as your refuge and strength. Seek Him in all you do. Pray continuously in the Spirit, knowing that the Lord hears you. Spend more time in prayer and reading your Bible than listening to the noise of TV and social media. He is our refuge and our strength, and we will not fear.

God bless and have a great week

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