Fr. Mike Grenier


I was saved by the Lord on July 28th, 1978. Before my salvation I was a drug user for 13 years, 8 of those years being a heroin addict. In 1979, I moved my family down to Dunklin. We spent a year at Dunklin and the following years with a coffee house and prison ministry. In 1984, my family and I rented a 7 bedroom home which began Open Homes. Since then the Lord has blessed me by expanding Open Homes, helping men of addiction. I truly believe that if you surrender to Christ, men can overcome their addictions.

Pastor Charlie Camorata

Pastor/Program Director

After many years of battling alcohol addiction, the Lord led me to Open Homes. Soon I realized that God had a different plan for my life, and it was not in the direction I had been heading. I thank God for Fr. Mike’s obedience to the Lord’s calling on his life by continuing to minister to, and provide a place of refuge for, men struggling with addiction; and I am humbled by the privilege I have been given to serve these men in Jesus’ name.

Joshua Conrad

Phase 1 Director

God led me to Open Homes in 2012. During all this time God continues to transform me. I used to live a horrible life, now I live a new life in Christ. The life I live now is so far removed from my past that I can hardly believe I was that person. God can change any man with a willing heart. God is GOOD! All the time!

Michael Jackson

Phase 2 Director

I have been associated with Open Homes since 2003. Pastor Michael Grenier and the Open Homes community truly saved my life! The Lord opened doors to allow me to be of service to this ministry. I feel as if I’ll never be able to do enough to adequately express my gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon me!

Don Myers

Business Administrator

I recommitted my life to the Lord after coming to Open Homes in 1998 and was appointed as the business administrator after serving 6 years as a director. As the business administrator I get to see most of every aspect of the day to day operations and I thank God for allowing me to able to serve in His ministry.

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Open Homes Regeneration Program is a Christian residential facility for adult men who want to overcome addictions and life controlling issues. At Open Homes we believe that the treatment for addictions and life controlling issues is to develop and nurture a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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