Making The Donuts

Jan 9, 2022 | The Chuck Wagon

“Time to make the donuts.” Have you ever made that statement before going to work? It comes from an advertising campaign launched by Dunkin’ Donuts that lasted almost two decades. It has become a way of expressing boredom or discontent with our daily work routine. But when you really think about it, donuts are delicious to most of us. I can’t remember ever seeing a child eating a donut with a sad face. For some, it’s a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure none the less. So it would be safe to say making something that can bring pleasure and a happy feeling to others should bring joy to the one making them. And yet, it has become an expression of boredom and a less than enthusiastic view of what you’re about to do. Go figure.

Going to work every day can go one of two ways. It can be a source of discontent and fatigue, or a source of fulfillment and joy. It is entirely up to you. The Bible addresses this in a very simple manner:

Commit your works to the Lord
And your plans will be established.
(Prov. 16:3; NASB)

Discontent with work or work-related activities can be blamed on just about anything. You don’t like your duties, the boss is too strict, coworkers don’t pull their weight, you don’t feel appreciated, etc., etc., etc. But when you consider your work to be worshiping God and pray to be used in your work to glorify His name, going to work takes on a different meaning. I’m not saying you should go around preaching in your workplace and calling out the heathens. What I am saying is that if you consider whatever you do as working for God, your attitude and motivation will change.

What will happen is that you will begin to see God working all around you in areas where you never saw Him before. When someone offends you, you might see their brokenness through God’s eyes leading you to pray for them instead of holding resentment. Working for God’s glory will bring a renewed enthusiasm into your everyday life. This verse tells us “your plans will be established,” meaning that your desire for a more fulfilling life, a life that has meaning for you, is a result of your working for God instead of your boss, or even yourself.

Having the attitude of working for God will change how you approach each day. Pray that the Lord uses your work to draw you closer to Him. It will add joyful expectation to your day as you look for all of the ways He answers that prayer. Then, you’ll look forward to making the donuts.

Have a great week and God bless.

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