Path To Healing

Mar 28, 2024 | The Chuck Wagon

“I will drive them out before you little by little, until you become fruitful and take possession of the land.” Ex. 23:30; NASB

God can heal all things. This is a factual statement for any true believer. We cannot begin to understand why He does or does not heal in each individual circumstance, but we know He can. The paths Jesus took to healing were as varied as the conditions He healed. Sometimes, we see Jesus healing physical conditions by merely stating they are healed. In others, He requires some act by the one being healed. Sometimes it is by His forgiving their sin, and other times, He simply removes the affliction. Some healing is in response to their faith, and for others, faith was not a prerequisite. Jesus (and the apostles) performed many physical healings, but we also see deep emotional healing as in the prostitutes that were healed, which we can safely assume involved emotional healing.

In the story of the Exodus and throughout the Old Testament, God shows us how to defeat our enemies. In today’s passage, God is telling the Israelites how He is going to bring them victory in the Promised Land.

He tells them He is sending an angel (pre-incarnate Jesus) to guard them and lead them (Ex. 23:20). He then warns them not to rebel against the angel. If they do not rebel, He will be an enemy to their enemies and completely destroy them (23:22-23). They will be led into a face-to-face confrontation with people who live there and God Himself will give them victory. They were going to have to trust Him completely for the victory.

We know God could easily have destroyed all their enemies before they got there, but He chose not to do that. Had He done that, they would not have the opportunity to grow stronger in their faith or in their resolve to do His will. He was going to do it “little by little” until they had completely overtaken the territory. In other words, they had to show up to the battles day after day, trusting God for every victory. They had to confront their enemies

God bless and have a great week

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